Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Collins Clan

Hello lover...
At a lovely backyard evening with the girls, complete with fantastic food, I tried something for the first time that could get me in lots of trouble.  I had my first vodka collins.  A pint-sized vodka collins.

Now, I typically prefer gin to vodka, but I'm not one to turn my nose up at a refreshing beverage lovingly prepared by a dear friend that is complete with fresh-squeezed lemon.  Here is why I think I'm completely screwed - 1. I prefer gin to vodka, 2. I just had a fantastic vodka drink, and 3. It's standard to make said drink with gin.

I don't intend to abandon my summertime staple, Saphire and Tonic, or the close second, Hendricks and Lemonade, and we know how I'm looking forward to homemade blueberry vodka, but something tells me I've just made a good new friend named Tom.

What other summertime beverages belong on the list?

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  1. In summer I'm all about the gimlet and the margarita. And, of course, dry rose'. And Riesling. I haven't acquired a taste for gin but, obviously, I've found some alternatives.