Sunday, June 5, 2011

A wee bit much

There are some combinations of words in the English language you will not often hear me utter.  Examples include "Coors light, please" "The lovely state of Michigan" and "well done."

And, high on that list, "Too much cheese."

This evening, however, we needed those words.  A fine local establishment serves homemade mozzarella "logs."  Somehow in transit from one hops purveyor to another, we'd gotten chatting about mozzarella sticks so it was natural that we'd place an order upon arrival.  Homemade sounds good.  We were four women.  The order was five, maybe six logs (which, by the way, is not the most appetizing word).  We could not finish the cheese.  It was just that giant and that heavy.  Yes, we had a belly full of beer, but even the drivers among us couldn't conquer the cheese.

You know what you can never have too much of though?  Sweet, snuggly Boxers.  If you need a smile, do yourself a favor and take a peek at this week's Friday Puppy and scroll to the last picture. (heck, look every week, you can't go wrong with cute pup pics)  I don't even need to suggest that folks vote for the boxers because I know you guys have taste.  I'll stick with my one guy who is cuddled up next to me as I write, but this picture made my week.

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