Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fingers crossed...

I got a ton of work done in the yard this weekend.  Of course there is still a ton to do.  I've learned that I really like cutting shit down.  I've had some serious bonding time with my limb clippers and god do I enjoy the satisfaction that comes with excising dead, overgrown, or superfluous vegetation.  It might be a bit of a metaphor, but it's fun and surprisingly good stress relief.

But more exciting - I got a bunch of plants in the garden.  I'm pretty thrilled about my bed this year.  It's loaded with tomatoes and I added some space by using pots and an old milk box (or something) which made a great home for basil and cilantro.  In my effort to scare away critters, I potted a bunch of marigolds around the raised bed.  I don't love marigolds and the flat I bought was certainly too many, but they do stink and with any luck it will help protect the rest of my swiss chard.  I've already lost two plants.  I wisely kept my mint to pots to try to avoid complete invasion.  I'm growing kentucky mint, which somehow I think will go GREAT with bourbon and black peppermint which I'm hoping to try for tea.

I don't have a lot of space in the yard that gets enough sun to grow veggies, so I'm learning to be creative and maximize it the best I can.  I snuck in a second small raised bed that is housing cukes and jalapenos.  I even stuck squash in what will someday be a perennial garden.

So far, so good I think.

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