Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I’ve been on this kick lately of stopping at the grocery store on my way to work to pick up a supply of breakfast and lunch items. I’m one of those people who can’t eat first thing, and as I don’t take an hour to get ready for work, I’m rarely in the house long enough in the morning for breakfast. Stopping on my way to work and stocking up the fridge there seems to be working better for me than remembering to open my own fridge and bringing something in. It’s sad, but true.

I haven’t yet decided if these whirlwind shopping trips save me money or help me eat less junk. I’d like to think yes on both counts, I’m certainly walking down to the coffee shop for food and caffeine less. The other day, though, I had this overwhelming craving for Eggos. Blueberry eggos to be exact, and I’ve been enjoying them for breakfast for about a week. The nostalgia they incite is odd, I remember not particularly liking them as a kid (now, Aunt Jemima French toast, that’s another story … I don’t think I’ve even THOUGHT about that stuff for 20 years, and while writing this I just had a major flashback… anyway). I tried to eat the grown un, healthy waffles, I really did, but they just don’t cut it. I’m sure I’ll finish the box and not touch them again for years, but I am enjoying eating breakfast like a 12-year-old for the moment.

More in the vein of what I normally like to eat, I was slicing up a mango this morning to snack on later and suddenly could almost feel myself back in Costa Rica. I guess that’s not really all that surprising, it’s grey and rainy here, I’m chained to my desk and behind on housework – of course a tropical escape would be a nice thought. I was lucky enough to spend about a month in Costa Rica almost – gasp – fifteen years ago and gosh do I miss the food, especially the fruit. It took me years to be able to eat a banana here again after picking them straight from the tree and understanding what they’re really supposed to taste like. Sunshine, warm beaches, fresh tropical fruit … good thoughts to get one through a day like today. I think I will focus on this food nostalgia instead of Eggos.

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