Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who needs the gym...

The torture implement and a
little inspiration
...when you have a beautiful day, a ton of yardwork and a reel mower?  Phew, maybe it's the quick beer in the evening that turned into multiple and a later night than planned (what can I say, I'm a sucker for a nice summer night and outside drinking), but I need a break.  I'm trying to crank out some work on my very neglected yard and garden, but I'm getting more of a workout than I'd planned. Pushing the reel mower along the hill in my front yard is a great little exercise.  The backyard was another story.  My giant tree sheds sticks all the time, so before mowing I had to take care of the presents Wonderpup left  me and rake up all the sticks.  Then I mowed.  I did not heed a dear reader's warning and the grass was looooong.  So then I raked again to pick up all the clippings.  I actually should mow again, but I decided to come inside, put my feet up and write a post instead.

I have some motivation to get my backyard in a bit better shape.  I'd really love to sit out there with a cold beer and a little blaze in the firepit I finally put together.  It would be extra nice to have company join me and have the yard look respectable.  Not good, mind you, I'm just going for respectable this season - one step at a time!

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