Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yay Bettie!

As the legislative session drags on beyond its scheduled end, I continue to live at the office and hope that someday I'll return to my kitchen and garden.  I'm thankful for the rain because it means I'm not out trying to water my tomatoes in the dark.  There are some bright spots in my sob story though - my employer is great about feeding us to avoid mutiny and for the most part dinner for the past two weeks has been from Cardona's.  That in and of itself is almost worth the 14+ hour days.  But today, it got even better.  Bettie and her cupcake truck came down to the Capitol in the deluge and she was handing out free cupcakes to anyone who supports marriage equality.   As no one wanted to come out of the Capitol to brave the rain, she was sending her delicious treats inside to provide a little pick me up. Love her, and loved this...

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